Wednesday, 27 August 2014

My First Day of School

I am officially a grade 5/6 teacher at Central Elementary School!!

I guess I have technically been hired since June but there is something about having students in my classroom that really makes it official. I AM A TEACHER!!

After school today my mentor texted me and asked how my day went.. "First day rating: 1-10... 1 being awful - why did I become a teacher!? and 10 being best day ever!!" I told her it was probably about a 7 or 8. I had an overall great day and am so excited for this year but I am not going to pretend that I have nothing to work on with my students. I can not wait to get going on the curriculum with my students and do some more planning now that I know a little bit about them. Today spent a lot of time chatting with them and they are all so awesome. This morning after all of them got there I had to remind them that it was okay to talk.. I mean what kind of fifth and sixth graders have to be reminded to talk!? 

The day started out great. I met most of my students at the door or outside my classroom and in the beginning they filtered in slow so I got to talk to them one on one which was nice. It also gave me a chance to meet a few of their parents which was good because that was one thing that I was really nervous about. For those of you who don't know, I teach in the mennonite program at Central. It's nice because I have little to no classroom management issues. I does make me nervous because I don't know the culture very well and just based on today there is a big range in how devout my students are to the religion. I have been really up front with them and told them to confront me if anything makes them uncomfortable. 

As soon as we got settled into the classroom and the announcements were done a boy in my class turned around in his chair and puked all over the floor. Gross!! I think the kids were still really nervous and so basically no one reacted. I didn't even have any "EWE, GROSS" haha. Instead, the boys around him just backed away and I grabbed him a chair and the garbage can. He finished puking and then headed to the office to call home. They say that every elementary teacher has to deal with puke at least once a year... I guess I got mine out of the way early! LUCKY ME!

The rest of the day went good. A few of our classroom routines need some work but I think that might just take some time. The kids really bought into a lot of the activities I planned which made me feel good about the rest of the year because we did everything from skits to individual work.

Here's to a great year!! I LOVE TEACHING

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  1. No way, he puked?! Bahaa so lucky. ;) A teacher that loves teaching will teach children to love learning. That quote always reminded me of you. You're amazing already even though I figured you would settle in just fine. Good luck with everything!