Saturday, 6 September 2014

September Long in Waterton

Our labour day weekend was an awesome break after a busy first week at school.On Friday night Matt and I drove out to Waterton to meet up with his family who has been camping there for the week. Friday night we went to The Chevelles at the Thirsty Bear Saloon. They were awesome, as always, and we had a lot of fun dancing and people watching. The Chevelles always seem to attract an interesting crowd and to me watching the weirdos is almost as entertaining as their music haha. It totally made the short trip out there worth it! 

After packing up camp on Saturday morning we headed into town. It was super windy and so we only spent a little bit of time hanging out and eating lunch on the shore of the lake. It's always fun hanging out with the Goughs and the nieces and nephews always seem to find an adventure. I have been putting my birthday present to good use and taking lots of pictures! You might notice in some of the pictures that Matt is getting a little bit sick of it haha. 

On Monday we headed back to Waterton to hike Carthew-Alderson with Derek and Meg. It was a little bit chilly in the park, perfect hiking weather! Melissa drove us to the trail head and we left at about 9:30. Once we got past the tree line the wind was freezing cold but it never stopped the boys from hitting 30-40 golf balls off the peak. I think they felt pretty awesome because the wind carried the golf balls way farther then they would normally go. They got pretty close to hitting some mountain sheep that were down in the valley. 

On our hike Meg and I really realized that our husbands never actually grew up (especially when they get together). We spent most of the hike listening to them reminisce over stories from when they we kids. It think I made them want to go back to those days because every time we got to any water they immediately threw (or tried to throw) big rocks in just to see the splash. It wasn't just one or two either; we waited about half an hour at each stop.

On one of these excursions they were at the top of some shale just below a huge cliff. They were happily rolling boulders down the shale when out of no where a big rock flew right past Derek's head! We looked up the cliff and some mountain goats were about 200 feet above them knocking rocks down. The rocks were hard to predict because they bounced off the cliffs in all different directions. Matt almost got taken out by a huge one but they both escaped unharmed. We joke that the goats were just getting back at them for trying to hit them with the golf balls. 

It turned out to be a successful hike! I have been begging Matt to come hiking with me all summer so it was the perfect end to a crazy summer. 

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