Thursday, 3 July 2014

Canoeing the Milk River

I think I met my sun quota for the year yesterday when we went canoeing down the Milk River with Matt's family. It was a lot of fun and a gorgeous day! Karen is an expert on the river and could probably work as a guide all year round. She knew all the fun places to stop and swim, as well as some cool sites to find native american carvings in the rock and even a rattle snake pit!

Matt and I got to ride in a canoe together and even though he had never steered a canoe before he was determined to ride in the back because "he's the boy". For the first little while we had some set backs but he got it figured out pretty quick and me made it down the river without flipping our canoe.

I am so grateful to have in-laws that like doing such fun things and who will organize adventures like this one. I love hanging out with them and playing with all the kids. I am excited to one day have kids and add to this huge, fun, family!


  1. Those are some luscious locks Matt Bieber!!

    1. hahahahahaha!! He is so flattered right now... Don't boost his ego too much or he'll never cut it!