Sunday, 13 July 2014

Wilmot Reunion Fun!!

This weekend was Grandma Wilmot's 85th birthday party! All of Matt's cousins on that side of the family were able to come, even the cousins from Utah made the trip (we missed their parents Connie and John who are serving as mission president in Ohio). It was so fun to have everyone together and get caught up!

On Friday the gang went out to Waterton and probably did everything you would normally do in a week all in one day! The activities included climbing red rock canyon, hiking bears hump, lunch by the lake, and exploring the townsite. I was working so I had to miss out on those adventures but it definitely sounded like they had a blast! While they were climbing red rock some of the crew wanted to head back to town so they took our car (including Matt's wallet) and left a minivan to transport all the climbers back. Once their adventure was complete they all pilled in and sped down the road back to Waterton. Of course Matt was not going the speed limit because he wanted to hit the 'lemon drop' and bring back some memories for his Utah cousins. Just his luck, he go pulled over by a park ranger and got a ticket for not having his licence on him, even though he explained the situation to the officer. LAME! It was for $170.00; I guess it was a good price for the memory? 

Saturday was the day of the party. The Porter cousins came out to the Gough's house for some go karts and rock climbing before it was supposed to start at three. It was such a nice day that we couldn't resist the urge to do some bridge jumping as well! I love bridge jumping!! Plus, we had an awesome crew to go with! 


The party was at the Beattie farm. We had lots of good food, an astrojump, a huge cake, and lots of good company! After dinner, the boys played ultimate frisbee and mini soccer, and sweat like crazy in the heat. The little girls had fun playing dress-up in grandma's dresses and all the kids had a blast on the astrojump. We were even able to snag a family group shot (it was quite a feat with this many people)! 


It was an awesome party! One of the best parts about having a blog is that it gives me an opportunity to reflect on my life. I am so grateful to have huge families who are fantastic company and who we can call friends! We are so fortunate to be surrounded by such amazing people!


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