Saturday, 28 June 2014

Crafting: 'WRITE' Banner

As summer has progressed I have been thinking more and more about my classroom and how I should set it up / decorate it. There are definitely other things I should be worried about before simply how my classroom will look but lets face it, this stuff is way more fun!! I have endlessly looked on pinterest for ideas and one that jumped out at me was this 'WRITE' burlap banner that can be found here: 

So cute! Am I right? I thought it would be so cute at the top of my language arts bulletin board, or above a writing station I have been thinking about setting up in my classroom. You could purchase them from a store on etsy but I promised my husband I wouldn't spend any more money on stuff for my classroom, plus my mom gave me a bunch of burlap a while ago so I figured this would be a great project to use some of it on. 

I started by cutting strips of burlap. I made them twice the length they needed to be so that I could double them up. Then I glued the two layers together using some craft glue. Finally, I let them dry and applied the paint. Simple as that! All in all it probably only took an hour. I still need to thread them so that I can hang them on my bulletin board but I think they turned out alright.

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