Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Teacher Tuesday: Meeting My Students

This week, I'm doing 'teacher tuesday' on wednesday. Today I was able to go and meet my students for next year. IT WAS SO AWESOME!! The kids were so sweet and eager to learn. I was able to chat with a lot of them and get a good feel for what they like and don't like in their classroom. I feel so fortunate to be able to teach at Central next year. The staff was so welcoming and are truly exceptional teachers. I already feel so supported.

Searching and applying for my first teaching job was so frustrating. As a first year teacher it is so difficult to get your foot into the door with a district or school. I felt like I was looked over for positions I thought would be a perfect fit. Even when I had worked hard to make connections in the profession and volunteered for hours upon hours, I was not the first pick. It was so disappointing.

When I was offered two positions to chose between I was nervous. The choice I made would effect my life directly for the next few years and in the long run. After visiting the school I am so excited and happy with my decision. I have realized that everything happens for a reason.

My experience has really been a testimony builder. I recognize that the Lord has a plan for me and has my best interest in mind even when I can't see what that might be. I feel so at peace with my immediate future and excited to meet the challenges that will come, knowing that the Lord is there to strengthen me.

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