Monday, 23 June 2014

Journaling: Weekend in Edmonton

This weekend Matt and I were able to go to Edmonton for Austin and Becky's wedding. The wedding  was on Friday so we left Lethbridge after work Thursday night and stopped at Brad and Sarah's house  (Matt's brother) on the way.

They have a daughter named Afton who is convinced that Matt is her very best friend in the whole world. About a month ago she HATED Matt, like really hated him. She would scream and cry whenever he touched her or tried to play with her. Out of desperation he showed her a video of them playing together saying "See Afton, we're friends!". The video made all the difference because she realized that they really were friends, in fact, he was her BEST FRIEND!! When they left Taber at the end of that weekend she cried because she had to leave her best friend so Matt promised he would come visit her.

This weekend when Brad told Afton that we were coming she was so excited to see Matt. She had her bath and when she got out she came into the living room and said "Dad, Matthew doesn't want to see my messy hair, so I'm brushing it." hahahahaha It is almost weird how much she loves him. She even starred out the window waiting for us to show up saying: "I think Matthew will be next!!" We love visiting them and I'm sure Matt loves Afton almost as much as she loves him! haha

Austin and Becky's Wedding was so beautiful! I was able to be in the Temple for their sealing and I have to say it is one of my favourite things. I love being reminded of Matt and I's wedding and our eternal marriage. They had my Aunt Bev do the food for their family dinner and it was delicious as always. Matt didn't even complain about staying for the reception because they had Marble Slab cater the desserts. All in all it was the perfect day, the weather even cooperated.



Of course we always love playing with JUDE THE DUDE!! He is such a happy boy and has the most adorable smile to prove it!!

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