Thursday, 12 June 2014

Journaling: Day Trip to Waterton with Osmonds

Today we decided we wanted to take advantage of the rare day when both Matt and I have the day off work. We decided to head to Waterton for some hiking and relaxing. It was super last minute.. it's a good thing that the Osmonds are always up for a good time because they jumped right on board.

I really wanted to do a good long hike but a lot of them are still in pretty rough shape so we settled for Bears Hump. I was alright with it because I haven't done it since Matt and I were dating. It used to be my family's go-to hike when we were little and I guess back then we didn't realize how steep it is (or maybe I'm just getting old... yikes!).

We also played a lot of fetch with Bronce (Osmond's black lab). He was fearless when it came to jumping in the freezing cold water. I guess I didn't mind the water either... Sometimes Matt likes to suggest I do things that he would never do himself just to see how much I take after my brothers. He told me I could get a really awesome picture if I climbed a tree that was coming out of the water. I pulled up my shorts and walked to the tree and all was good. Once I started climbing I slipped and got soaked from my stomach down. It was FREEZING!! Maybe it was worth it because Matt got a good kick out of it and it did make for a pretty good picture.

All in all it was a pretty awesome day!

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