Friday, 23 May 2014

Happiness Resolution: Spend More Time Doing Things I Like

One of the happiness resolutions Gretchen made in her book was to spend more time on her hobbies. I thought this was an great idea because we often get caught up on the things we have to do instead of the things we want to do.

I love quilting. My mom and aunt taught me when I was little and I made my first full-size quilt from start to finish when I was in grade twelve. Over the past few years I have started three different quilts that remain unfinished. My husband Matt loves to make fun of my inability to complete them and so I have decided to start my 'Summer Quilting Challenge'. Each of the quilts are at various different levels of completion but this summer they all hopefully be finished!

I think this fits with my 'Happiness Project' because creating something makes me happy. I love seeing my final product after hours of work and knowing that I made it from start to finish. Quilting emphasizes this process because you take tiny pieces and combine them to make something awesome. Also, I think sewing is kind of therapeutic for me. I turn on my music, clear my head, and go to work. When I'm sewing I don't have to think about anything but what is in front of me and what it will become.


I want this goal to be successful... so I have a plan to get my butt in gear. Hopefully by posting this goal on here I will feel more accountable. Otherwise I don't know if I will have enough inner motivation to carry me through to the end. Plus I am a terrible procrastinator. To combat this issue I am going to post updates on this blog throughout the summer. This will give me some stepping stones to keep me on track throughout the summer.

FIY: Here are some of the tutorials I found on Pinterest that inspired each of my quilts (I used different colours and fabrics).

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