Monday, 12 May 2014

Journaling: Mother's Day Weekend

One of the biggest reasons I started a blog was to force myself to keep a journal. So.. periodically I will do some 'journaling posts'. They might be boring to people other then me but it also serves as a good way to update our family that doesn't live close to is. Here goes...

We had an awesome mother's day weekend! Matt and I drove up on thursday night and stopped at Amy and Ryan's new house in Wetaskawin on the way. Their kids gave us an awesome tour of their new home and it seems like they are really enjoying it. 

On friday we hung out at my mom's house with my little brother, Chad, and Amy brought her kids to meet Chad's pet chameleon named Spike. They loved it and it was hilarious to watch them play with the lizard. 

That night we went to dinner at Red Robin's with my whole family. It is always so awesome to catch up with them all. I love them so much and am so grateful that each of them are a part of my life. I also love getting to see Jude! Ever since he was born he has quickly become a favourite part of our families conversations. We all take turns trying to make him laugh and make fun of Kelti's funny voices and noises she makes at him (even though we are all guilty of it). Plus it's always a treat to go to Red Robins... I love that restaurant! 


On Saturday night we went out to my grandparents farm to visit. A new colt was born just that morning so we had to go see how adorable and little it was. We also went and shot gophers, or at least tried to, but there wasn't any out because it was cold and windy. 


On Sunday we got to talk to Cally and Dirk on Skype!!! Cally is three months into her mission in Lubbock, Texas and Dirk is almost ten months into his mission in Germany. I is so awesome to see them and talk to them. They are both doing great and are so focused on the work. I am so proud of them both! They set such an amazing example to me of obedience and missionary work. They have such strong testimonies and are so willing to share them with the people they serve. They are loved be the people around them and I am so grateful that they both have families in their missions that take care of them. 

It was fun for them both to see Jude again. Cally met him when he was first born right before she left, but Dirk had never seen him before (except in pictures). We all tried really hard to make him laugh for them but he just wasn't in the mood. Instead I think Cally and Dirk just ended up laughing at us and our craziness. haha 

After we had family time with our missionaries we had family dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Burr. As per our Mom's request, Kelti and I made beef dip sandwiches with summer salads for dinner.  we decorated the table and put up lights to make it a summer garden themed dinner. It looked really cute and Mom loved it!! I'm glad that she enjoyed it and had a good Mother's Day. I just wanted her to feel appreciated for everything she has done for us over the years. I don't think we will ever be able to repay her for all the sacrifices she made. 

I love any excuse to go home and had an awesome weekend with my family! 
Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely Moms out there!

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