Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Teacher Tuesday... a Little Late

On monday I had an interview in Hays. It was for a division one job, mostly grades 3-4. Unfortunately I didn't get the position but it was still an awesome experience and the principal gave me some great feedback. I have another interview in Lomond on Friday and it's for grades 7-10 language arts and social studies. Lomond is in the middle of the prairies by Vulcan. 
The drive is long but bearable, 45mins. This position would be a better fit for me and is more in line with my previous experience. Plus I could commute from lethbridge. I was able to sub at the school yesterday afternoon and it was nice to see the school and meet some people before I go interview there. Wish me luck!

For Teaching Tuesday I wanted to share a unit I put together for grade eight language arts on the four types of writing: persuasive, narrative, expository, and descriptive. The unit is based on short stories and so it builds in some reading comprehension aswell. When I taught this unit to my grade eights at Wilson they loved each of the short stories and did some awesome writing. 

Below I have posted some downloadable files that I used throughout the unit. 

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