Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Living 'Real Life' ... Finally

When I realized how fast my graduation was sneaking up on me, I have to admit I was hit with a sense of panic! What do I do now? What does 'real life' really look like? I am not old enough to be a grown up! 

BABY FEVER - Yes, I am a victim and I figured that I should discuss this on here just to answer a bunch of questions at once. It seems like everyone I know is prego with their first or second baby and I am getting left behind! My sister just welcomed the first grandchild on my side of the the family, Jude Liam Bevans. He is such a cutie and I would love to give him a cousin. Matt and I have been married for three and a half years this july which seems so crazy to think about. Up to this point school has been the perfect excuse to put off having kids, especially when we are constantly being asked about it. Right now, we both want kids but I would like to be able to get my permanent teaching certification so that I don't have to worry about re-certifying when I'm staying at home as a mom. From here on out we will play it by ear. If I can get a good job from the start then babies will be postponed until I can get maternity leave. But... if I just end up subbing they could be on the horizon a lot sooner. 

GET A JOB! - I have always wanted to be a teacher and this desire has only been reinforced by my five years as a student in the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge. Along with the rest of my fellow graduates this was the logical next step. But it's just not that easy. Especially in the area I live in. I filled out applications for sub lists early (maybe a little too early) to all the school divisions around Lethbridge back in March. I wanted to finish before I got too busy with finals and term papers and as the master of procrastination that I am, the earlier the better! I heard back from a couple of them right away and was offered temporary teaching authority so I can sub for them as soon as all my final marks are in. But... this is really just a fall back plan. This week, the Lethbridge school district posted their second round of jobs and I applied for tons! Here's hoping that one of them will want me. Patience is a virtue, and I will be working on that one over the next couple weeks. 

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  1. Good luck! These SoAB school districts don't know what they are missing haha! And hey, no pressure in the baby department. You just graduated for heck sake so don't feel pushed into anything. It will all pan out in time -- no rush!